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Now is NOT the time to try short-cuts in Real Estate...You need the strategies that will keep you ahead of the market.

My Story...

Don't chase the shiny object...

I know what it's like to chase the shiny object and found myself questioning so many things in my business, but I snapped out of it. I know you see these cool new phone Apps or a new software with a data feed.....

"Tech" is NOT THE ANSWER! Please listen...the way to be successful is to learn the business and don't go for the short-cuts of some overnight Investor. There are too many people out there trying to teach and have had no long term success record. I see this %$& all the time with a cool new name of some strategy they discovered while doing a deal. It's not true at all. You are falling for good marketing techniques, that work because of social media. Millions of properties were bought and sold before the internet and fortunes were made in a lot rougher market conditions. 

Where did I come from?

Everyone has a story...mine started when I was 14 years old buying my first house. Some say I was lucky, others say it was destiny...I say I was guided through life to do what I do for a reason. Watch the 
video and you decide.

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We took our 15+ years of doing deals and created a system to generate leads so investors can succeed in any market.
RE90x is the premier deal location program available in the industry. There are 90 proven strategies that allow any user to locate leads in any market across the country.

The core of the program is built on working your market the most effective ways to get leads. Every market has leads, some are hidden and some are right in front of you. 

A deal is created by a lead. The motivation comes from timing and circumstances facing the seller. Consider the possibilities if you were the best at locating deals for your business, how much is this worth to you.